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The prayer room holds special importance in everyone's house. It is the place where people go to pray and meditate. It is very important for one to design a prayer room very carefully while looking at all essential points.

Madhuri Singh design can make and build could be a the most comfortable prayer room for you. We design a prayer room by making a proper blueprint.

Prayer Room For Home

  • Colour: The color of prayer room walls should be painted by picking accurate colours. It set the mood of the room.
  • Flooring: Designing a floor of a prayer room should be done carefully. It is important to remain silent in the prayer room to avoid any distractions. If sitting and kneeling is your prayer routine, try to lay cushion mats which give you a comfort zone.
  • Altar: Keeping an altar in a praying room is very essential for any religion. You can keep every essential praying part on the altar. The altar is important for keeping candles.
  • Prayer room furniture: It is important to not put too many things in the prayer room. Keeping irrelevant furniture can take up lots of space. So better try to keep the furniture that is necessary for your prayers.
  • Accessories: It is certain to have a lot of accessories in a prayer room. You must keep all accessories in clean situations. Try to put the accessories on the furniture once you complete your prayer.
  • Location: The one place that requires a special location in your house is the prayer room. It is important to build and place your praying room in those locations where no one can distract you.

Prayer room in the workplace just like houses, every office has its own praying room. It can be used by anyone from boss to employees.

Designing a prayer room in the workplace required more attention and care. The prayer room at the workplace should be placed in a very specific place. Try to keep clean around the praying room.

Madhuri Singh's design provides the best services for the praying room. We can design the room according to the customer's reference. The Prayer room is a very vital part of any house. It is designed to be in a very projecting way. We provide lots of designs at a very comfortable price.

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