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Here’s what fit out construction stands for:

  • A fit out is an activity that is essential for making an interior space useful for commercial occupation.
  • The occupant leases space in the form of a tenant from the landlord.
  • The fit out is mostly used for office developments where the construction is done by the tenants' own contractor.
  • The initial construction was done by the developer and the final suit by the occupant.
  • The aim of fitting out is to provide accurate planning to sample and deliver work in a concise period.
  • It provides essential equipment for the construction, like decorations, fittings and interior.
  • A dealer or contractor that works for a commercial space landlord usually explores the initial stage of building fit out. That is a shell.
  • A shell is for a new building for altering a former tenant to prepare it for new tenants to be ready to sign a lease.
  • The building looks complete while looking from outside, while there is a blank space left while looking from the inside.

The shell construction typically involves:

  • Plumbing
  • Restrooms
  • Elevator and stairs for evacuation
  • Adaptations to local building codes and constrictions
  • Base flooring
  • Standard white walls
  • Standard ceilings
  • HVAC

For a fit out, tenants came up with their own interior contractor. Their own architect plans the perfect location of interior separation, location of wall and other essential parts of the remaining space.

Building the space which is rentable is the next stage of the fit out. The fit out contractor, tenant, the interior architect and Building Designer all involved in the process of getting the tenant 100% ready to move on.

Cat B is the next step that focuses on flooring, decorations and more similar types of work.

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