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Modular Kitchens have become an essential feature of every modern-day home. Modular kitchens are taken as an equally essential part of the house from a design perspective. Modular Kitchens should match with home design.

What Is A Modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen is a kitchen with modules that can be joined together to design a complete kitchen. Modular kitchens are fast replacing traditional Indian-style kitchens. These kitchens are suitable for modern spaces. It gives an option of customization.

Modular kitchen designs carry drawers, countertops and shelves that can be laid out to save a large amount of space. Modular kitchens are perfectly suitable for small homes. Homes that have limited space.


The price of setting up a modular kitchen depends on various factors. It varies as per the requirements; layout, size, brand name and quality of the products.

Small Modular Kitchen Design

  • Now you can establish a modular kitchen in small and limited spaces by selecting smart designs.
  • Install small wall cabinets which can be placed at the top of the window space or in the direction of the ceiling. Open corner shelves and wall mounted plates are best for keeping goods.
  • Opt for glass doors that give more space while giving a delightful and attractive look to the kitchen.
  • Colours have an essential role in designing small spaces. The white colour makes the room look brighter and more delightful.

Modular Kitchen Types

Modular kitchen is a huge investment. It is important to figure out how much space your house or flat has. If your house isn't a big one, Yu was very careful while installing the modular kitchen.

There are different types of modular kitchen for different types of houses.
  • L shaped kitchen design
  • L-shaped is the most suitable modular kitchen design for small houses.
  • This design looks perfect for those houses which have kitchens in a square shape.
  • U-shaped kitchen design
  • U-shaped design is mostly seen in houses with large space. This type of design is one of the best to work in.
  • U-shaped modular kitchens are aligned with three walls in the kitchen that form a U shape.

This design is the perfect place for those houses where multiple people use the kitchen at the same time. Madhuri Singh provides the Modular Kitchen Designs. We can install a Modular Kitchen as per the customer's requirements. This is a huge investment plan and we give perfect instructions to custo

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