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  • The construction of buildings, apartments and houses comes under the category of Residential Projects.
  • Some residential projects can take on commerce project features depending upon what the project entails.
  • The residential projects need to be taken very seriously. Builders know that residential homes or buildings are going to become lifetime property of individuals.
  • The builders of residential projects are habitually taking projects of small structures.
  • There are various reasons that matter in what style or design from both inside and outside.
  • Usually, commercial projects are made with premier steel and concrete.
  • On the other hand, the residential projects are homemade with wood frames.

Some Examples Of Residential Building Projects Are Not Limited To:

  • Apartment
  • Single and multiple family houses.
  • High rise buildings to provide dwellings.
  • Apartment buildings or retirement homes.
  • Residential house

Types Of Residential Building

  • Individual Houses Or Private Dwellings Individual houses or buildings are owned by a single family. If two families reside in that building, then it is termed as a multiple family private dwelling.
  • Lodging Or Rooming Houses: Rooming or lodging houses are groups of buildings which fall under single management.In this, different individuals are provided accommodation on a temporary or regular basis.
  • Dormitories: It is another kind of residential building where sleeping accommodation is given together for contrasting people. School or college hostels are examples of dormitories.
  • Apartments: An apartment is a kind of big building which has a separate dwelling for contrasting families. Apartments accommodate at least three or more than three families who live independently of each other.
  • Hotels: Hostels are similar to lodging houses, which are managed by one management. They provide all accommodation in a temporary mode.

Selection Of Site Of Residential Projects

Selection of location is very essential and it should be done very carefully by an engineer who has a rich amount of experience.

Below are some of the important points which should be kept in mind while selecting a site for any residence.

  • The project should be in a developed location.
  • An area which has the potential to develop can be considered.
  • Transportation is one essential point one should see before selecting a site.
  • Check out for railway, bus service or other transportation.
  • Schools, colleges, and hospitals should be located near your residence.
  • Check out the drainage system, water supply, and electricity supply.

Madhuri Singh Designs

Madhuri Singh's designs offers the best service in residential projects. We always look to grab opportunities in this field.We provide a suitable and superior design idea that matches the level of customer expectations.

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